Store Hours: Tuesday - Friday 11:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Saturday 10 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


This is a great time to clean out and donate useful household items that can be sold in our store to raise funds for our programs. We will even come and pick up your items for free! Please read the list of acceptable items below.


Deborah Davis

ReStore Manager

"You never know who you will meet and what treasures you will find. Furniture, Finery and Fun!" 

Donation of Items to the ReStore

The Habitat ReStore appreciates your donations of new-to-slightly used household items, appliances, furniture, electronics, building materials, and many other quality goods.  Please refer to the list below identifying items that have been proven to be “non-acceptable” goods in our resale operations.

Non-Acceptable Items List

Ambulatory Equipment – walkers, wheelchairs, etc. 
Broken, Damaged or Inoperable Goods 
Dangerous or Hazardous Goods 
Worn, soiled carpeting 
Non Flat Screen Computer Monitors 
Computer Components and Parts 
Tape and VHS Players 
Dishwashers 2 or more years old 
Built In Stove Tops 
Opened Paint 
Hollow Core Doors 
Items in Poor Taste – rude, crude or immoral

Soiled, Worn Mattresses &/or Box Springs

Single-pane windows 
Appliances Over 5 Years Old 
Used Kitchen Cabinets 
Large pianos 
game Systems over 4 years old 
Pressure Cookers 
Gas Appliances 
Baby Cribs, Toys, Bedding, etc. 
Children’s Toys, small Games, etc. 
Used Sinks 
Storm Windows

Contact us to request a pick up Tuesday - Friday 

or call (803)432-8995

Please speak with the manager if you want to volunteer.