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Joanne worked for Du Pont Company for 36 years and retired in 2001 along with her husband, Dwight.  Joanne lives in Lugoff and has 4 children. Early retirement allowed them many years of traveling with friends.  After retiring she ventured to Midlands Tech for some classes of interest, decorating and photography. “My family will confirm I love to take pictures on all occasions and make picture books”.

Joanne is a member of Lugoff First Baptist Church and a Board member at Mid Carolina Credit Union where she has served as the Board Secretary for 20 years. “People ask what my hobbies are. I can’t say I have hobbies unless gardening is considered a hobby and not work. Habitat has become a habit…not a hobby”. Joanne has served as a volunteer for Habitat since June of 2008. Logging over 300 hours a year of volunteer service.

 She was honored by the Habitat Board to be awarded the Volunteer of the Year 2023. Habitat is dedicated to the mission of making a positive impact on our community by building affordable homes. It has been a place to meet friends, help shoppers and put some classes to work by posting our newly donated items on Facebook weekly and arranging donations for sale in the store.  Volunteers are needed, but you can support our mission by donating and shopping. See you at the Habitat Restore.

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